Steps to use Addprojects tool. Please run it with the account which has Administrator access to PWA.

1. Execute the following query to get the GUID of your security Category against the Published Database. Replace the name of your category with 'Category Name' in below query and send it to SQL Administrator.
select wseccatuid from MSPWEBSECURITYCATEGORIES where WSECCAT_NAME='Category Name'

2. Get the Project GUIDs which you want to add into the security Category:

How to find the GUID for all the Project Plans?

Get a list of the Project Plans and replace them between the brackets in below query. For e.g. I have done for the project plans; ABC, Test, XYZ. Please make sure we keep quotes and commas as available in the example below.

select ProjUID from MSPPROJECTS where PROJ_NAME in (

Send above query to SQL Administrator to run against the Project Server Published database and get the output which will have Project GUIDs.

3. Copy GUID received from SQL Administrator and add them in GUID.txt file and save it.

4. Right click and edit Addproject.bat file and update the following; conditions.
a. Guid.txt file location.
c. GUID of your security Category. Retrieved from the step number 1.

5. Double click on Addproject.bat file.

5.Finally ensure that the category in question has required projects added to it.

Please run it in the test environment first before running it in the production environment and take Project Server database backup before running this tool.

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